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"Making the decision to move our mother into a personal care home was hard.  However, the transition was so much easier on both my mom and us because of the tremendously caring staff.  They went out of their way to make her welcom and at home there.  They still continue to do so a year later.

Connie, the administrator, and Melinda, the manager, are like family to us now.  And the caregivers treat my mom with respect and kindness always.

My brother and I are so grateful to all of them for making her life comfortable and our lives worry-free.  Thank you all so much!"

- Mary Ann Amundson


"My parents have lived at Mahoning Riverside Manor for two months.  The staff is friendly.  The service is good.  The food is good.  We especially appreciate their willingness to allow the hospice care givers from the DuBois Regional Medical Center to give their care in this nursing home, and another care giver named Michelle Brooks.  The home has wireless Internet service included, which is important to us because my parents like to use Skype to call family members who are out of town.  The manager of this nursing home helped us in dealing with our long term insurance provider, and with the Veterans Administration application for benefits.  Dad had served in the Navy in WWII.  Our experience with Mahoning Riverside Manor has been favorable and we recommend this nursing home to others."

- Joel Dobson


"Since our mother has been living at Mahoning Riverside Manor, we have noticed that she has become more animated and talkative.  It was exciting for her to move into a place where she had old friends and where she made many new ones.  She knows that she can participate in conversations and activities if she likes, or she can have time by herself to read, write, and rest.  Because the Manor is so conveneiently located, it makes it so easy for us to pop in to see Mom every day!  It's the perfect place for our mother."

- Roz Pete


"Thank you so much for a wonderful job shadowing experience.  I learned so much from you!  You work very hard and are great at what you do!  You take wonderful care of your residents.  They depend on you, and you always follow through!  Hopefully we will work together again soon.  Thanks again for your time."

- Ashley, Practical Nursing Program Student